Choking up AT&T's network is no easy feat apparently

Dan Lyons has done it again – and he should be applauded for his unique humor, not chastised because some people don’t get the joke. Sparking all kinds of geek-love and vitriol in one fell swoop, he’s having way too much fun with “Operation Chokehold,” a suggestion fed through his alter-ego: “Fake Steve Jobs.”
He hit the right nerve this time, encouraging iPhone users to systematically give AT&T the biggest data suck possible. By attempting to collectively drain on AT&T’s network with systematic force at the same time, Fake Steve’s followers have pushed AT&T’s recent network woes into a new dimension. Someone like Fake Steve wasn’t necessarily required to drum up this kind of anti-AT&T fervor, but he certainly acted as the conduit for at least some of their outward aggressions today. Reports from the ground however don’t seem to indicate any major catastrophe occurred on AT&T’s network as a result of Operation Chokehold. Love it or hate it, AT&T’s network is what it is. All those iPhones sure haven’t helped things over the years, particularly since each of them are just screaming to be used constantly, thereby driving dramatic wireless data usage. If anything, Operation Chokehold merely reminded some people that AT&T’s network sucks royally in some places and does pretty well in others. If you’re used to horrible data speeds and dropped calls, things probably stayed that way today.

We’ll never know how many people actually participated in this quasi-uprising, but AT&T appears to have made it through with no more tarnish than it started the day with. The fact is, no carrier may be capable of supporting every iPhone owner’s need and desire. Sure, Verizon says it’s preparing its network for the opportunity, but let’s wait and see how its network handles a couple million iPhone users in the San Francisco Bay Area if it gets the chance. For now, AT&T is stuck with all the good and bad that comes along with this exclusive partnership. Even Fake Steve admits AT&T came out looking pretty good, in his own way.

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