Google and Apple play nice for a change

Though the two companies increasingly find themselves competing in the same markets and industries, Google Inc. and Apple Inc. appear to be playing nice on at least one front: iOS applications. Whereas previously Apple blocked some of the applications submitted by Google, more of those apps are now sailing through to safer landings on users iOS devices. This change not only highlights Google and Apple’s delayed reluctance to see eye to eye for the benefit of their users, but also Google’s continued desire to reach mobile users beyond its Android platform.

In little more than a month, Apple has approved Google Voice, Google Books and Google Latitude. At least two of these apps directly compete with some of Apple’s business models or at least mimic some of the features on iOS devices. Following Apple’s blockade on Google Voice and Google Latitude, Google built HTML5-based websites that gave users a workaround, but both suffered from a greatly diminished user experience. These same apps, which Google has revamped to harness some of the latest features in Apple’s iOS, are now being approved. Will Apple lose some business due to these relaxations or does it simply help the company extend loyalty among its users and expand Google’s sphere of influence in the process?

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