@ iPhone 4 launch: The tweets, blog and photos

**As published at RCR Wireless News** CERRITOS, Calif. — The line has been tempered here as the grand opening for a new Apple Inc. store gets underway. Early adopters of every age, race and preference are waiting in line for Apple’s new iPhone 4. But because this is a grand opening, there is also the occasional fanboy or fangirl simply waiting here to get an early look at the store and grab the free t-shirt that’s being given out to the first 1,000 people inside. The doors have been open for more than an hour now, but the line hasn’t progressed much – at least that’s the sense from the view about 350 people back from the front.

Mattresses, camping chairs, blankets and more were scattered down the line going as far back as yesterday afternoon, according to others in line. Sheriff’s deputies and mall security staff have been on hand throughout the affair. Presumably to keep the crowd happy and awake, Apple employees are now handing out cookies to everyone in line. Meanwhile, the occasional whoop and holler makes way down the line as each of the first customers with an iPhone 4 appear outside. Apple employees haven’t been entirely forthcoming with details. There’s also been a couple false statements, particularly one about being “out of white” iPhones while Apple has already said the white devices won’t be available until late July due to manufacturing problems. The line has been orderly, however, and the essentials like Porta-Potties, cookies and cheer are well in supply. Below is a sampling of some on-site Twitter posts: –About 200 people have gotten in and out of the store so far and the line has at least doubled. (Keep in mind it is 9:40 a.m. in California. –Apple employees are handing out free shirts to people in line now. –According to a customer fresh out of the store, people who said they are not here for an iPhone are still buying iPhones inside. –Because this is a grand opening, employees are letting about 25 customers go in the store ahead of the line to buy anything but an iPhone. –A guy in line here is waiting to buy an iPhone 3GS –Apple employee tells people in line “we’re out of white.” No, actually Apple said white iPhones won’t be shipping until late July. –The first customers with an iPhone 4 just walked out of the store. They got the rockstar treatment from some of those still waiting in line. –The line here is purely walk-in. There are no pre-orders because this store is opening for the first time today. –Apple employee says “They’ve opened the doors, that’s all I can tell you.” About inventory, she says “There’s a lot of them. I know that.” –Check out the view @iColleen has from the front of this line. –Apple is unique all right. This line represents all walks of life. Every age, race and preference is here and waiting for their iPhone 4. –Overheard in line: “I just feel cooler buying it at an Apple store. I know it sounds so stupid, but…” –More Apple employees are showing up now to cheers. Let’s see if they are all fully trained and ready for this grand opening. –The line has now almost doubled since we arrived at 4 a.m. PT Multiple sheriff’s deputies and mall security staff are on the scene. –As he picks up trash along the line, dude with mall staff says “gotta work so I can save up for an iPod.” –We’re being told that the doors to the mall will be opening in 15 minutes. –Apple employees are starting to show up and in true-Jobsian fashion they are being tight lipped about everything. –This line has only grown by about 50-60 people in the last hour. –There are more cops and security sweeps at this line of 400+ at Apple’s new store in Cerritos, Calif. than most airports. –Overheard in line at Apple store as sheriff rolls by: “what, are we gonna start a phone riot or something?” –There are at least 350 people waiting/sleeping/crying in line already! It’s not like Steve Jobs is making a special appearance, right? –En route to Apple’s brand new store (today’s the grand opening) in Cerritos, Calif.

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