Mobile is the new search at Google

“Android’s really on a tear,” Larry Page said in his first earnings call as Google Inc. CEO today. Consider these numbers, which certainly contributed to the company’s 32% growth in revenue from the previous year to $9.03 billion.

More than 130 million Android devices have been activated to date and at least 550,000 are being activated every day now, which represents a current growth rate of 4.4% week over week. More than 250 million apps are available on Android Market and 6 billion downloads have been served so far. Overall, downloads have doubled from a few months ago.

“There hasn’t been any slow down,” Page said. “Partners and developers are continuing to expand the Android platform.”

He also cited the portfolio of at least 400 Android devices on the market today from 231 carrier partners and 39 OEMs.

“We really see mobile like search was in 2001, 2002 and 2003,” said Nikesh Arora, SVP and chief business officer. “We focus so much on mobile.”

The Mountain View giant closed another outstanding quarter with $2.51 billion in net income, up nearly 27% from the year-ago period. Wall Street clearly underestimated the company’s success as stock shot up more than 12.5% to $595.09 in after-hours trading.

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