Name That App: AudioPress

I have a folder full of apps that I use to pull up podcasts from a variety of outlets, but most of them are specific to one site. Content overload is a real problem and it’s exactly why millions like me choose to rely on their Twitter feeds and RSS readers for their news. While everyone has their favorites, it’s easy to see why so many great podcasts never get seen or heard simply because I don’t know about them. After spending some time with this new app, I’m hoping that will change a little bit. As far as I can tell (and it would stand to reason considering the app’s name), AudioPress is purely audio and so far I’ve seen results for everything I’ve searched for.

If all goes well, I might be deleting some standalone apps and relying on AudioPress going forward for all of my mobile podcast enjoyment. In addition to all the major news radio outlets, technology sites and popular radio shows, AudioPress also has a noteworthy collection of live radio stations to choose from as well as a section of audio recordings of news articles that originally appeared in print. Like any good podcast management tool, users can also subscribe to their favorite podcasts and organize them under favorites or custom playlists. And while it doesn’t appear to be a requirement, users can sign up for an AudioPress account and manage their podcast portfolio more effectively between their computer and mobile phone. Most importantly though, AudioPress has a deep catalog of podcasts, which are categorized well and, in some cases, organized even further down into descriptive subcategories. The true test, of course, will come when I decide whether or not this app can replace dozens of other apps that do the same thing, albeit on a much more narrow scale.

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