Name That App: Cyberia

**As published in didigay:DAILY** Publisher: Cyberia, LLC Price: Free Platform: iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad Advertising: None (other than its own) Functionality: A Fun Factor: A- Overall: A It’s rare to find an app that’s purposefully limited in scope and yet still manages to provide thought-provoking content. During interviews and conferences, I’ve often heard executives say that mobile apps aren’t always worth the effort and resources they take to create – but I point to cyberia media’s app as the perfect counter argument.

It didn’t take long to recognize the smart moves cyberia made with its less-than-three-week-old app. Whomever was responsible for approving the development cost for it, should take pride in the knowledge that it achieves a number of goals: 1) a tech-savvy outlet to reach potential new customers, 2) a great launch pad for recruiting new talent, and 3) a fun way to improve brand recognition and build loyalty. The app kicks off with a simple menu of greetings, motion reel, print reel and recent work. After viewing the video clip that runs for greetings, I have to admit I found myself wanting to work for cyberia. Without taking itself too seriously, the company introduces team members in the clip and nails it all down in 30 seconds. Then, the motion reel gives you a better sense of the creative energy that cyberia’s team brings to the table. The print reel gives the user a bird’s-eye view of a collage of cyberia’s print work; users can zoom and pan around for detailed looks at key pieces of creative. What really hooked me on cyberia though, was the clip that currently plays via the “recent work” button. In slightly more than two minutes, cyberia makes perhaps one of the best arguments for fighting hunger that I’ve ever seen – and even takes it down to the local level for a community-wide initiative in Los Angeles, Fed Up with Hunger. The app also includes a current news feed, as well as company info like executive bios, clients and awards in a horizontal bar along the bottom. Lastly, there’s cyberDoodle – an incredibly basic drawing app that users can play with to make simple doodles. The little piece of engagement isn’t particularly eye-opening, but I think it was smart to include at least something in the app that lets users give their own creative juices a spin. Until I downloaded this app, I didn’t know anything about the boutique media production company out of Santa Monica, Calif. behind it. But the team at cyberia media has my attention and interest now. I look forward to keeping an eye on their work and now I’ll always know where to find it.

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