Name That App: Google Voice

For a while there, I thought I’d never see the day – an official Google Voice app for the iPhone. Google’s official app for the popular service is back after watching so many incredible layers of drama unfold. The politics, competition and seemingly everything else in between that has kept tech geeks intrigued, has also been equally frustrating as it is hilarious. Until recently, Google Voice users that have an iPhone were mostly restricted to using an HTML5-based site, but third-party apps like>GV Connect came back to the App Store nearly two months ago. Google Voice beats all the others because of two things: SMS notifications and dialing in the background. These are the key features that make Google Voice such a powerful communication platform.

The app is simpler and less noisy than the third-party apps that are making use of Google’s API for the service, but it does lack access to most of the advanced settings and only allows users to log into one account at a time. Hands down, this is the Google Voice app that iPhone users have been wanting. It keeps things simple and integrates masterfully with existing contacts databases. But most importantly, this app delivers on the promise of what Google Voice can and should be.

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