Name That App: Inception

For those about to rock and take part in mind-altering experiences, Inception - The App is calling you. You could call it augmented reality, inducing dreams or layering parts of your real world with sounds that are designed to virtually create unique experiences. One of the best parts about this app is that once you open it and select your dream path, you can essentially put it away and let your acoustic surroundings take over. The idea here is to create new dream-like states that are triggered by your activity, location, the weather or time of day. As you “unlock” different dreams, a satellite image of where you are is superimposed over a map. Other than that, the visual takes a back seat. Music and ambient sounds are the stars in this app.

The slight tapping of a finger, a shuffle and all the ambient noise around you gets picked up and mixed right in with the soundtrack from the film. Unreleased music is also featured in some of the locked dreams that, for example, require the user to remain still in a quiet place before that new acoustic landscape is revealed. Certain sections of the map also remain unlocked, promising availability in future updates. Fan of the film or not, the music is phenomenal and and seems almost uniquely choreographed for this mobile project alone. The app proves that creative minds are already thinking about new extensions for their projects well beyond the cursory level. Inception makes augmented reality fun on a less visual level, which is rare. But more importantly, it expands the type of experiences that can be delivered today on our mobile devices and proves what’s possible.

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