Name That App: Netflix

**As published in digiday:DAILY** Publisher: Netflix Inc. Price: free Platform: iOS Advertising: None Functionality: A Fun Factor: A Overall: A Some apps take so long to join the mobile party that you eventually just assume it won’t ever happen. I am happy to say that isn’t the case with Netflix.

Netflix waited on the sidelines for years as other third-party developers built subpar apps that would let users manage their Netflix queue, and I’d essentially given up hope that I’d ever see an official “sanctioned by Netflix” mobile app. Then, the company released its wildly popular app iPad app, and I knew it would only be a matter of time before I’d have my Netflix content on a smaller screen. That wait ended last week when Netflix launched apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Subscribers who enjoy Netflix’s service by mail, online or via their gaming console now have another access point to the service at no additional cost. That kind of thing doesn’t go unnoticed. Paying customers, like me, are always happy to get more value from a service they remain loyal to each month. Anything that can be streamed online – a growing category – can be streamed right to the iPhone or iTouch Forget all that talk about licensing roadblocks. Everything in my “instant queue” is ready to play. I have a feeling this new app might help me actually watch more shows and films. Netflix just makes it so easy. The entire dashboard should be instantly familiar to anyone that already uses the service. The app lets users do almost anything they’d hope for in an app for Netflix. The one exception, unless I’m missing something, is the ability to manage your “queue” for films and TV shows by mail. In fact, the app appears to only pull from Netflix’s instantly viewable content. Everything else I’ve searched for returns no results. While the account management and other movies and TV shows is missing from the first version of the app, I expect Netflix to add that functionality at some point down the road. Still, for now the most important thing for Netflix and its users is that instant queues and a vast trove of other content can now be streamed on one of the most popular smart phones in the market. And because it can be done via cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity, there are probably quite a few iPhone users that are glad they kept their unlimited data plans with AT&T Mobility.

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