Name That App: NFL Sunday Ticket

DirecTV subscribers that pay a hefty sum for the broadcast satellite service’s exclusive NFL Sunday Ticket can upgrade their package to include mobile and online access to watch every game. Thankfully, I have just such a friend that shares his login credentials with me and lets me enjoy all the mobile perks without the cost. This mobile app from DirecTV is simply unmatched. Die hard fans of the gridiron should be pleased. Absent being at an actual game or in front of a full TV or computer, this app is the perfect Sunday companion during NFL season. The picture quality is simply stunning (on Wi-Fi, at least) and the app serves as a nearly identical accompaniment to the full-featured version at home or in your local sports bar.

The app does have a few shortcomings, but nothing unexpected or out of the ordinary. Battery life always takes a significant hit after streaming live video for a prolonged period and while the video feed never wavered the audio would cut out or pop from time to time. I imagine that most subscribers that aren’t already convinced to pay the extra fee to extend their NFL Sunday Ticket access to mobile devices and PCs might be quickly swayed if they spend a day away from their man caves or watering holes with nothing but a smart phone and Wi-Fi connectivity or really stellar wireless network coverage.

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