Name That App: Panorama 360

Sometimes the best apps are the ones that give you a new set of tools. 360 Panorama is one of those apps for me. The app is fun, simple and does exactly what it sets out to do: capture full 360-degree photos using your camera. Wide-angle and fish-lens shots are cool, but 360-degree panoramas take things to the next level. This app opens ups new views within your immediate surroundings and splices your entire capturing-the-moment experience into a single frame that can be saved in your camera roll. Unless you have plans to buy all kinds of professional photography gear, this is as about good as it gets.

When I used the app outdoors, I got the best results doing three 360-spins and essentially filling in three rows of panoramic shots that get stacked on top of each other in horizontal rows. It was also pretty fun to swirl the phone around entirely and make full use of the gyroscope inside the guts of these mobile devices. Technology and features don’t mean anything in the mobile environment until an app like 360 Panorama comes along and harnesses these capabilities in an approachable environment that users will want to come back to often.

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