Name That App: Shanghai WOW City Guide

**As published at DIGIDAY:DAILY** Publisher: China WOW Travel, Ltd. Price: Free Platform: iOS Advertising: None Functionality: A Fun Factor: B Overall: B The quality of a city guide always comes to pass in the eye of the beholder. What might sound like a good time to you or I could be the exact opposite for anyone else. As such, city guides can typically go two routes: offer recommendations for everything under the sun, or focus and build a database of tips around a target audience. The Shanghai WOW! City Guide straddles both sides of that fence.

I am in Shanghai this week for business – and though I won’t have time to see even a fraction of the sights I’d like to in this incredibly fast-changing and cosmopolitan city – I still have to try. I’ve done a lot of preparation for work on this trip, but the “me time” planning has been lacking. The Shanghai WOW! City Guide has not only enabled me to sightsee on the fly, it’s taught me a couple things along the way. The app’s layout is pretty standard. The user can view recommendations by one of 15 categories, or dig into five different features ranging from “great view” to “romantic” or “trendy.” Users can also save their favorites in a dedicated category. Many of the listings have a photo slideshow in addition to some details about the destination, tips, contact information and directions from the metro. Being completely unfamiliar in this city that’s approaching 20 million people though, my favorite feature of the app would have to be the location-based “nearby” search. From my hotel, I can see that the Pudong River Promenade is only just a couple blocks away, the Oriental Pearl is only a couple blocks further and The Bund is less than a half mile away. Rather quickly, I’ve been able to map out a nice morning walk while taking in the sights. For a city of this size, the app does strike me as a bit light though. With limited time, I’m happy to let someone else narrow down my options, but I know there are countless gems that this app is simply leaving out. But I guess you can’t have it both ways, can you?

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