Name That App: StoryCorps

**As published at digiday:DAILY** Publisher: StoryCorps; developed by Bottle Rocket Apps Price: Free Platform: iPhone Advertising: None Functionality: B- Fun Factor: C Overall: B- With a mission that’s as large and as simple as recording America’s stories, it didn’t take much to convince me to give the StoryCorps app a go-round. I absolutely love StoryCorps’ premise – recording people’s stories, and getting them archived in the Library of Congress – but I wish the app provided a better window into the tens of thousands of interviews the non-profit group has already recorded. This app does a great job of introducing the user to StoryCorps with a limited selection of clips from about 35 interviews, but the true value of StoryCorps lies in its rich vault of far more stories. While the website offers a full selection of stories, it would be great if the app could do the same.

Most of the interviews recorded for StoryCorps were done at recording booths in New York, San Francisco or Atlanta; there is also a mobile tour bus equipped with a recording studio that travels the country year-round. But even with all the tour bus stops, there are still millions of untold stories. Here is where the StoryCorps app shines. Tthe organization seems to recognize how many other stories need to be told, and that’s what this do-it-yourself (DIY) is all about. After introducing StoryCorps, the app includes a how-to section that gives users instructions for how to record their own interview. Ideas for selecting a partner are followed by suggested questions, tips for recording and preserving and sharing the final recording. StoryCorps also put together a 7-minute video that runs through all those tips and helps the interviewer prepare. There isn’t much more to this app, so hopefully version 2.0 can better integrate with StoryCorps online database of interviews. It would also be good to take advantage of the unique content – photos, video clips, maybe even memos – that most users will already have stored on their mobile phones at the time of use.

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