New York on the fly

Like many journalists just returning home from a hectic schedule at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week, I spent part of my weekend and Monday morning scrambling to arrange travel to New York to cover Verizon Wireless’ iPhone announcement. The event was announced last minute on Friday afternoon, which doesn’t help matters much. But then again, practically everyone was preparing for the most anticipated news in all of wireless to finally get announced so I had to be there. This is how I did it all on my phone once I landed at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

First things first, a hotel. After searching through a handful of travel sites that can only be described as old, boring and uninspired, I wasn’t even halfway convinced that the options available in my price range were not crawling with bed bugs. This is where HotelTonight came in. I first read about this new iPhone app in an article from Sarah Lacy at TechCrunch and was looking forward to putting it to the test. Talk about simplicity. After signing up, I was booking my hotel for my first night in New York within minutes. When I arrived at the hotel, I had to call HotelTonight because the hotel wasn’t looking in the right place for my booking, but it was resolved within minutes. The second night at another hotel was completely smooth. HotelTonight was great not only for its customer service (someone actually answered the phone when I called and called me back minutes later to confirm everything was OK), but also for the quality of hotels that it makes available. I can’t wait to use the app again.

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