No comm signal at Qualcomm Stadium

I hope I never find myself desperately needing wireless coverage at a football game. There’s only one thing I can count on working on my phone at National Football League stadiums: the camera. Major venues desperately need wireless coverage. If the carriers aren’t going to provide it, venues have other options that they can seek out on their own.

It all happened again for me last Thursday night at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego. Not once was I able to make a call, send a text, tweet or scan the bar code on my overpriced beers to look for a better price. If my phone doesn’t work when I’m surrounded by as many as 70,000 football fans, then what am I paying for? I know why connectivity is such a problem at major events, but there is no excuse for this problem when there are solutions that can relegate these problems to the dustbin of history.

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