RCR spends a week in Shanghai: The video, photos and articles

**As published at RCR Wireless News** SHANGHAI, China — This city moves incredibly fast. With that as a backdrop, it would only stand to reason that so much innovation and investment in wireless technology is taking place in this city of more than 17 million. Most of the roads appear to be freshly paved, the bridges and tunnels are state of the art and there’s a high-speed rail linking the airport to downtown that travels at a maximum speed of 286 mph. The theme of Shanghai’s current main event, Expo 2010, is “Better City, Better Life.” It wasn’t hard to find evidence of that theme throughout this metropolis, which is both sprawling and reaching for the sky at the same time – quite literally. Shanghai is home to dozens of some of the tallest and most modern skyscrapers on the planet and nowhere is this more apparent than in Pudong, a district in Shanghai that has been through a tremendous phase of development for the past two decades. During our visit, we snapped photos and captured video on the street and up in the sky. Please enjoy all of our videos, photos and articles below.

Video compilation from Shanghai at night: Photos from Shanghai: Feature articles from Shanghai: @ Global CDMA Forum: Sprint Nextel exec dishes on smart phones, LTE plans, traffic and the cloud @ Global CDMA Forum: Qualcomm explains ongoing investment in CDMA @ Global CDMA Forum: Huawei gathers partners to push technology limits @ Global CDMA Forum: How one Dutch carrier is using CDMA450 for M2M @ Mobile Broadband China: Analysts frame the global outlook Featured Video: Nokia Siemens Networks @ Mobile Broadband China

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